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Testo epigrafe
First Special Service Force
in memoriam

on 4 June 1944
the United States-Canadian
First Special Service Force
commanded by
brigadier general Robert T. Frederick
led allied forces of
general Mark Clark’s
Fifth Army. A part of
field marshal sir Harold Alexander’s
Fifteenth Army group, in the attack
to liberate the eternal city.

In this action task force howze of the
1st armored division, the 463D parachute
field artillery and city units of the
italian Resistance gave valiant support
as we breached the gates of Rome
and secured the Tiber bridges.

To our brothers in arms
of all nations who died in the
battles of the italian campaign
we dedicate this memorial.

First Special Service Force
4 June 1984

Monte La Defensa – Monte Maio – Monte Sammucro
Anzio beachhead – Rome