Colin RUSHTON (english version)

RANK: Private
BORN: 1-5-23
SERVICE/REGIMENT: First Battalion The Loyal Regiment

Dear Sir as you can see I was only 20 years old when I took part in the invasion I was the number on a 3 inch mortar and I sailed on the invasion on a large ship carrying tanks and bren gun carriers and as we approached the shore a German shell went through the back of the ship but we were able to keep afloat. When we eventually took some kind of static position we were behind the flyover in a shallow gulley and we were continuously shelled and bombed and we lost quite a few men and eventually we moved farther back we settled down and the it was mentioned we had forgotten the stone bottle containing our rum ration so two of us crept back and retrieved it we still kept our sense of humor. Five months was a long time in such a small area the Germans tried all kinds of tricks a woman broadcasting over loud speakers saying all was lost and also planes dropping leaflets telling us the road to Rome would be paved with skulls and some showing pictures of the yanks getting dressed after a bed session with English girls and they were saying you Americans are so different eventually the time was ripe to make the big attack and it was said our platoon fired more than 3000 bombs in 12 hours and just as things were coming to a close a German shell landed between two mortar positions sadly we had two lads killed on June 4th and three of us were wounded I got a piece of shrapnel in my leg so I was evacuated to Naples returning to my unit near Rome preparing to move on towards Monte Grande.

My friend’s number is G.H. Edney (corporal) 3865940 money for two enclosed. Would you please send one to my fried R. George Edney West View Lancaster Road Cabus Garstang we were together all through the campaign.

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