George Mc LUCAS (english version)

RANK: AB QR3       NUMBER: P/JK 193322
DATE BORN: 9.10.1920


It was Sunday dinner time and the landing at Anzio was about a fortnight old, we were slowly cruising around the assault ship laying off   the coast, waiting for any orders we may receive as to what to do next. As usual the day was hot with very little wind and after finishing my dinner in the mess   I decided   to take my cup of   tea up on deck for a cool off. I was just going up the ladder leading out onto the foc’sle and my body was half way out of the hatch when I heard the noise of a shell coming, I knew it was going to hit us or a very near miss with the sound it was making and ducked down as quickly as I could trying to get back down the hatch. The result was I banged my head on the edge of the hatch nearly knocking myself out, dropped my cup of tea and fell back down the hatch finishing up laid on my side on the bottom of the ladder, feeling the vibration of the ship start to speed up, to take us out of the area that Anzio Annie the German long range gun covered   from   its hiding place   up in the hills beyond Anzio. With being in the four inch gun deck I had heard quite a few near misses pass over the ship especially   at Pantelero, where we were exceptional y lucky to get away with just one hit near the bridge, but in my opinion this was the daddy of all the near misses. I am near sure even to this day that I felt the warm air of the shell as it passed over my head   as I ducked down. It shook me up for a few minutes and noticed my hand trembling a little as I picked up the broken pieces of the cup and returned back down the mess for a fresh one. Most of the lads were still there chatting away unaware of how Anzio Annie had come close to taking our bows off.

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