William LEE (english version)

RANK: Driver
BORN: Islington London, England


On the morning of the 22nd of January 1944 as we approached Anzio on our L.S.T. I was feeling very afraid of what was going to happen and when our Ships started firing, it was terrifying and waited for the shells coming at us but we did not get any and our landing was a complete surprise. We did not move too far in land as we expected to be attacked. The Germans were quick to rush troops there and we were stuck there for 4 months and a lot of our chaps died. Our Coy was on the Right of the Anzio- Cannorito Road near the flyover, one day while on “stand down” we were sent into Anzio to load up rubble to make a Road though the Padiglione Woods and a Corporal and some of our Other Ranks were killed by “Anzio Archie” (as we call it). The shelling got very bad and we had to dig deep holes and leave underground also the lorries had to be put partly underground for Safety. one night a shell dropped in front of our Dugout so we named the dugout ‘The Near Miss”. The weather got bad and on one big attack by the Germans we had to go into the Front Line to support our infantry but our “Gunners” did a good job to stop there attack and we were able to return to our Camp, we had to “Stand down” again a few weeks later but again our “Gunners” stopped the attack. We had it a bit quite after that and the weather got better.

Later we was able to play a Football match against our H.Q. Coy in a field by our Unit and while the game was on we had a raid by 5 Stukas and 3 of them were shot down our A.A. Guns. One night while taking Shells up to our Guns in the Padiglione Woods my lorry broke down on the way back and “Jerry” started shelling my mate towed me back at full speed and it scared the hell out of me, more than the shelling. We were getting better food than the “Yanks” as ours was fresh and the “Yanks” were tined but I must say they were very good “comrades in arms”. Just before the ‘Breakout’ we were ordered to drive all round the front at night to make as much noise as possible so as to confuse the Germans of where we were going to Breakout.

I hope this will help you with your research and to thank you for the Medallion. I am hoping to visit Anzio in 1997. God willing

Your Sincerely
Driver W. Lee 10693759

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